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How to Make a Timeline Diagram in Google Docs (Bonus: Free templates inside!)

The hallmark of a successful presentation is the templates being used. One of the most popular presentation templates is the timeline diagram; when used effectively, it can make the presentation powerful, easy to follow and intuitive. 

Whether you want to visualize project planning, processes, milestones, deadlines, phases of the customer journey, you can always do it better using timeline diagrams.   

Timeline diagrams lessen the burden of business professionals, project managers, up to a great extent by empowering them to convey their action plan to the team in an understandable and explicit way. 

This article will show you how to manually create Timeline templates in Google Docs. 

Option 1: Create Timeline Templates in Google Docs

  1. In Google Docs, go to the INSERT menu, click on the DRAWING option and press NEW; the drawing window opens.   
  2. Click on the LINE icon in the drop-down menu, select ARROW
  3. Click and drag the cursor in the sheet until the length of the timeline you want. You can make modifications just by clicking it and using the LINE tool. 
  4. Just Click SAVE and CLOSE.   


  • You can create a basic Timeline diagram using Drawing Option. 
  • You need to possess designing skills to draw exclusive timeline diagrams 
  • If you need impressive timeline templates in a hurry, then the drawing from scratch option isn’t recommendable. 

To turn your daunting task into a super-easy one, here we have added few free timeline diagrams.   

Option 2.1: Using Google Slides to Create Timeline Templates  

Inserting Timeline chart to Google Docs from Google Slides
  1. Open a new Google slides file. 
  2. Click on INSERT Tab, from the drop-down menu select DIAGRAM to open set of all available free templates.  
  3. From the right-side panel (Diagrams Section), Click on the Timeline thumbnail to view available free timeline templates. You can modify the DATES to increase and decrease the number of shapes. Just select the suitable template.  
  4. From left side panel, select the slide you want to add, click on Edit > Copy.   
  5. Open the Google Docs file where you want to insert the timeline. 
  6. From the menu, click EDIT > PASTE.  
  7. New window will pop-up with Paste option, LINK TO PRESENTATION (Select the option if you want to further change the slide and update the document.) While selecting option PASTE UNLINKED further edits can’t be made.   
  8. Select the option and click on PASTE and you are ready with an awesome Timeline diagram template.    


  • You get limited design options in Google Diagrams. 
  • To edit the diagram, you need to make changes to the Google Slides presentation slide. You cannot edit the Docs file.  


Option 2.2. Creating Timeline Diagram in Google Slides & Copying to Google Docs Drawing 

  1. Open a new Google slides file. 
  2. Click on INSERT Tab, from the drop-down menu select DIAGRAM to open set of all available free templates.  
  3. From the right-side panel (Diagram Section), Click on the Timeline thumbnail to display available timeline templates. Modify the DATES to increase and decrease the number of shapes and select the suitable template.  
  4. Select the diagram by clicking and dragging your cursor and highlighting the area. Click on EDIT> COPY. 
  5. Open Google Docs 
  6. Click on INSERT tab, Select DRAWING > NEW 
  7. In the Drawing window, PASTE, make the changes and click SAVE AND CLOSE, you are all set to rock the presentation. 


  • You get limited design options 
  • To edit the design, hover your mouse over the diagram and click Edit.  
  • Editing requires a lot of effort, especially if you don’t have design knowledge.   

Option 3. Creating Timeline Diagrams Using Slideheap Templates 

  1. Scroll through Slideheap’s 750+ premium slides and select the slide you want to use. 
  1. Copy and paste the entire Slide using steps mentioned in Option 2 or copy the diagram and paste it in Google Docs Drawing as mentioned in Option 3.  

 Slideheap offers dozens of options which allows you to design professional and sophisticated presentation in minutes.   


  • With Slideheap you get access to 750+ unique timeline diagrams.  
  • Customizations can be done with ease, without need of any prior designing experience. 
  • These attractive visuals guarantee to impress your audience. 

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