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Here’s WHY Visual Content helps you win at Social Media Marketing Every Single Time [Infographic Inside]

Creating engaging content that your customers would love to read won’t cut it. You have to create content that your users would love to share or talk about for your social media marketing strategy to work. How do you do that? By creating visual content.

Social media websites like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are predominantly platforms where visual content outperforms others and often goes viral. Why’s that?

A large part of your brain focuses on visual processing, allowing humans to process images at an incredible speed. The human brain can recognize familiar objects in just 100 milliseconds, making images the perfect way to communicate in today’s highly distracted world.

Images Get Your Audience’s Attention

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Social media websites are like X-factor try-outs where you’re competing amongst 100 others. Except you don’t get to own the stage for a minute, you must compete alongside all your competitors and hopefully beat them. There’s no consolation prize for runner-ups. You have to dazzle the audience and make them forget your competitors by a long shot. How do you grab attention? By using images. Your post is ten times more likely to get an engagement if you have added a photo.

Why? It’s partly because of the animal brain at work. Our brains are wired to respond quicker to images, colors, and eye-catching patterns. 

Just an image won’t cut it. You have to use images to catch the attention of your target audience. 

There’s more. 

  • Websites that keep infographics in their marketing arsenal can increase their traffic by up to 12%. Images, more effectively photos, twice as likely to get likes as text on Facebook. 
  • You get 94% more total views from content containing compelling images.
  • 60% of viewers are more likely to consider or contact a business whose images appear in local search results.
  • People only remember around 10% percent of what they hear. Whereas for images, it averages approximately 65%. 
  • Images are best at building brands. By keeping your imagery consistent, people will start associating those images with your brand. 

We have created an infographic to look at some interesting statistics about social media in 2021 and why visual content will help you dominate social media marketing.

Infographics on importance of visual content in Social Media
State of Social Media in 2021 and how visual media still dominates Social Media in 2021.



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