best ways to follow up with customers
Best Ways to Follow Up with Customers

Best Ways to Follow Up with Customers Life is like a follow-up especially, especially when you are a sales or marketing executive. The make and break of your deal rely on how you follow up. Follow up is the tweak from where you start turning your leads into potential clients. How many times do you

Customer Win Back Strategy
Using Customer Win Back Strategy to Retain Custome...

Using Customer Win-Back Strategy to Retain Customer Post Pandemic You surely might hear of the famous mantra, “the customer is the king.” It’s a popular business mantra to accentuate the importance of every business. Customers are the great assets of the business and understanding Customer win-back strategy could aid in retaining the lapsed customers. A

Creating a Customer Journey Map

How to Create a Customer Journey Map? In the retail business, customers can be handled by sales representatives. Selection, purchase, payment, return, an exchange can easily be handled in the store. In all small and bigger stores customers, there are executives to assist you in purchase and exchanges. Each time a customer comes to the

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