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How to Increase E-Commerce Sales

Got stuck with your e-commerce business. This could be due to the fact E-commerce industry is taken over by few giants like Flipkart, Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and so on. Due to fierce market competition, certain businesses are finding it difficult to overcome the pain-points when trying to impress their audience. Issues such as bounce rate, churning customers, high abandonment rate, Poor search results, Low or average purchase rate, less repetitive purchase, and so on. Many sites such as Shopify, Big-commerce are making it easy for individuals to open an online store. After all, opening an online store will boost your profits, and an E-commerce site is a great way to get started.

Have been in business for a longer run. You might be striving hard to grow your business. Business goes through several plateaus and declines. There’s nothing to worry about, and don’t get discouraged. Suppose you are in trouble with finding new customers. Then it’s the switch your business to online mode. E-commerce isn’t magic that will exponentially grow your business. But it gives your business an online presence, so your business can reach out to more prospective clients. Ecommerce business across the world is growing at an unpredictable pace. All alone in the U.S, the online sales revenue in 2018 is estimated at 2.8trillion, and projections show that the growth will spike up to 4.8 trillion by 2021. Some amazing facts show that in the year 2013, 41.3% of online users have made online purchases, and the trend is continuously going to the upward graph and reached to 48.7 % in 2018.

E-commerce business isn’t just about your developer creating an awesome eCommerce website, you have added trending items on your website, and you are ready for sales to roll in. You are surely not going to get overwhelming results. Creating an e-commerce website and adding trending items is just the starting point of launching an e-commerce website. Now you need to get into the nitty-gritty of establishing an excellent eCommerce website. You even need concrete strategies that will increase your sales. If you looking to build a flawless business strategy then refer our blog common business mistakes made by entrepreneurs.

Ways to Increase your Ecommerce Sales

eCommerce business strategy

In a nutshell, there isn’t any rock and solid strategy to elevate sales of your eCommerce business. Instead, it depends on the type of eCommerce website you operate, the audience you target, and how you operate in the market. But what if I tell you there’s rocket science behind successful eCommerce giants. As a start-up, you probably might try to find the exact answers about how to set up a successful eCommerce website. But when Googling over the internet, you might get bemused with the plenty of guidelines available; with numerous guidelines available, you may get vague about which one to tackle first. Even it could get tedious to cut through the cluster and find the strategies that really work. We have spoken to industry experts to give you the best eCommerce strategies.

  • Paid Traffic: For a start-up, the eCommerce site is really onerous to generate traffic and sales. In such a scenario,ecommerce business strategy paid traffic is the best way to generate quick sales. After a quick research, you might have found paid traffic is expensive and, most of the time fails to generate a response as expected. Even you might have heard stories about the marketing or sales executive, you have invested a lot of money – with no return. But when you have winning campaigns in your hands, paid traffic can really take your business to the next level.
  • Build Your Brand and Trust: The popularity of your brand impacts the trust, which impacts sales, repeated sales, and even SEO. The more popular brand becomes, the higher your sales will be. To enhance your brand engagement, create quality content, consider partnering with influencers, be active on social media’s and don’t forget paid ads.
  • Increase Your marketing: The best and most straightforward way to increase your sales is to invest in your marketing efforts. Do market research, place more ads, test new marketing tactics. Market research helps you to tap the pulse of your consumers; you get understandings of your market. So, go ahead, place the ads on the locations that have more target audience.
  • Review Your Pricing: Pricing is the most detrimental factor your customers churning. Your pricing needs to be the same; likewise, your competitors. Lowering your profit margin increases your revenue despite lowering your margins. And increasing the pricing of your product should add more value to your product.
  • Expanding Your Distribution Channel: Your marketing efforts, advertisements, or paid promotions will start generating sales. But when your supplies are medium, and distribution channels are low, all your marketing efforts go in vain.
  • Reach out to Repeat Customers: According to marketing gurus and analysts, it’s double the times difficult to attract a new audience than to retain the older ones. According to recent research:
    • Repeated clients contribute to 41% of the total revenue, and the graph even goes higher on holidays.
    • Revenue from one repeated customer is equivalent to sales from five new customers.
  • Use Catchy Product Description: Do you know what instantly catches the eyeballs of your customers. It’s the eCommerce business strategyvisuals and product descriptions. Don’t ever work haphazardly with your content; your description needs to be attractive, catchy, and answer all your queries. Your article should be knowledgeable, funny, and at the same time, should engage with the buyers.
  • Remove that Register Form: According to a recent survey, 23% of users skip the purchase when they are insisted on filling online forms. Skip the process or just ask for common details such as email addresses to register. Eliminate the process asap; otherwise, you might be losing potential clients. As a business professional, you should strive for making sales, not for increasing the member’s list.
  • Customers Don’t Trust Your Websites: Today, anyone can create a website in a few dollars. The audience these days have trust issues. So, what can be done, try to find reasons behind no trust.
    • Add an SSL certificate for your website; it assures that your website is safe from false transactions.
    • Ask your customers to give positive about your business; they can give you a shoutout or give positive Google review.

The covid-19 outbreak has tremendously spiked E-commerce revenue in the past few months. Now it’s the best time to switch your business to online mode. So, get started with your eCommerce business and follow these great tips given by experts working in eCommerce. There are many ways you can use to make your customers choose your business over the competitors. My personal favourite one is increasing your marketing. When you have more marketing channels, you can connect with more clients and a wider audience. The upshot of all of the above strategies won’t make your eCommerce business successful. Keep refining your strategies, testing approaches to identify what resonates with your business best.

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