How to Give Online Presentation

Down the ages, the online presentation was primarily used to interact with partners, consumers, investors across the globe, and in remote areas. We live in a digitalized age, but still many aren’t aware of online presentations, how to conduct, how to engage with online viewers, and so on. Many skilled and experienced professionals hesitate to give an online presentation because of its still-new concept for many. But still, you wish to gather your audience’s attention and want to hear the sound of applauds then in time of global pandemic online presentation can be your last hope.

In times of global epidemic and worldwide lockdown due to COVID 19 many and many MNC’s and globalized companies are adapting work from home culture. To interact with colleagues, teammates, and to individuals working remotely at different time zones and with the customer, the client from different continents video calls or online presentations have become an undeniable tool for every professional. When it comes to virtual meetings or presentations, there are thousands of apps available online. COVID-19 has been a great catalyst in increasing the number of online applications.

Top Online Meeting Platforms


In times of global epidemic where social distancing, work from home is instructed, many businesses are relying on such online platforms to stay connected, sharing information, and working together to ensure smooth functioning of an organization. When you search the internet for virtual meeting software, you will be bewildered. But there’s nothing to fret about. We have listed some of the widely used software.

  1. SKYPE: One of the most popular and common name for online meetings. It’s so well-known that most likely, your employees or colleagues might have accounts for service use. It allows to connect a single person to large groups, and it free of cost.
  2. Google Hangouts: You don’t have to search the internet for Google Hangouts. If you are using Google, which is almost everyone does, then this platform might already be installed into your Google tools kit. Its also a no-cost platform that allows us to make phone calls, video conferencing, messaging to almost 100 participants.Online Presentation Tips
  3. Zoom Meeting: It’s commonly used by every sector these days as virtual meetings, training, seminars are done daily. It isn’t a free platform but offers free meeting to the time limit if 40 minutes.
  4. Microsoft Team: you might already be using this platform in your organization to instantly message your colleagues, share files, make calls, etc. It’s a sub-feature of the Microsoft Office 365 platform. It even allows desktop sharing options, file organization through collaboration just by signing through free Microsoft ID.
  5. Google Meet: Its an updated version of Google Hangout. It provides the user with an assigned dial number so the meeting can stay private within a team.
  6. Microsoft PowerPoint: Using this, you can broadcast presentations through the web in real-time for free just with owning a Microsoft Live ID. Your guest can follow the presentation from any internet location just by sharing a URL.

How to Give an Effective Online Presentation?

Online Presentation Tools

The worldwide lockdown has put certain restrictions, which doesn’t mean you need to hold your product launch, seminars, training sessions, etc. PowerPoint presentation is the easiest and most handy tool when it comes to creating a presentation. Already with chaos for finding virtual meeting software, PowerPoint presentation unburdens you for searching for presentation software.

Presenting online has an entirely different scenario. Attracting your audience’s focus comes up with all new challenges. You need to make strategies and even adjustments in your designing too. An also, be sure you have opted for the right virtual meeting platform. Here are some of the tips which will surely turn your online meeting a successful event:

  • Be Tech Prep: Technology adds convenience, but it too comes with complexities, which creates potential disruption. Before your online seminar, meeting study the software well and check all the controls.
  • Simplify Your Slides: Each online platform has a distinctive way of displaying slides. To avoid the hassle, use easy to read slides. Try to add the main text in the center rather than on slides so your audience can easily interpret your information.
  • Use quality Visual and Audio Tools: Oftentimes, your viewers complain you aren’t clearly audible, or sometimes visuals are unclear. It can be because of low-quality tools. Always try to use webcams and mike to enhance your audio and visual quality. Online Presentation Maker
  • Be clear and Precise: Don’t use over-decorated slides and add too many points in a single slide as you aren’t aware of your viewer’s screen resolution size.
  • Make Presentation Entertaining: Doesn’t mean it’s a business presentation or includes lots of crucial information; your presentation needs to be serious. Try to add interactive graphics and attractive slides to entertain your audience. You can add find tons of stunning designs at Themes and Background templates library.
  • Use Data-Driven Charts: Don’t just orally communicate your business data. Use data-driven charts and templates to visualize your statistical data seamlessly. You can refer to the Bar and Charts catalog for most vibrant diagrams.
  • Questionnaire Sessions: Give time for your audience to ask questions. Encourage them to speak up or ask the question.
  • End on Time: Don’t forget to end your presentation on time. Your audience might have scheduled other activities after your presentation. So, wrap up your presentation a few minutes before the scheduled time and always try to interact with your audience before and after a presentation. If you are anxious about how to interact with your audience then you can refer our blog How to Speak Like Pro for tips to engage with your audience.

An online meeting has been serving grace for many businesses in a time of such crisis and lockdown. There are numerous ways to improvise your online presentation. Reading all such points or Googling, will keep you bemused. Don’t worry or get tensed with experience; you surely be a pro online presenter. Don’t take it as trouble instead take it as an opportunity, and finally, the online presentation would be fun. These troubling days have given a new light to different ways to engage with each other. So, take up the challenge, sharpen your skills, and don’t let the epidemic stop you from being a successful leader.



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