How to be Successful During 19

How to be Successful During COVID 19

In less than six months, Coronavirus has turned the world upside down. The deadly virus has taken more than 680k lives around the world. It has deeply impacted each aspect of our lives the way we work, communicate, and travel around. As the number of COVID, cases are rising with immense speed, and even the death tolls are rapidly increasing, governments around the world are opting lockdown as the ultimate solution to slow down the impact of the virus. People around the world are in house-arrest for more than six months. While some individuals are out for jobs are other services, they are prone to the deadly virus. According to reports, Corona vaccination is expected to arrive in the market in a year.

What will be the one word to describe the how coronavirus crisis feels like, it’s “interrupted or” devastating.” One’s life is interrupted; business is interrupted, social interaction with friends and families is interrupted. Our plans, ideas seem to be baseless now. It’s really unimaginable to think about how exactly we can recover. The deadly virus hasn’t just impacted our health but also has led to several major problems and crises. We are now in the amidst of the deepest recession in peacetime history for the past 150 years. According to the IMF, the global economy is expected to shrink by almost 3% in 2020. It’s the steepest slowdown since the great depression of the 1930s.

COVID 19 Precautions

''We Are In This Together - And Will Get Through This Together.''

The decisions made now or in upcoming months will be some of the most crucial decisions made in decades. It will even have an impact on upcoming generations. But countries mostly opted to save lives over the economy and resorted to lockdown to flatten the curve of the virus and to cease the spread of the virus. The global shutdown means confining the millions of citizens to homes, stunning down businesses, and halting all activities which will ultimately crash the economy.

As the corona cases were increasing exponentially around the entire world. We are now in the state of lockdown. And most of us are now entering 6 or 7 months of work from home as the world is battling relentlessly with the pandemic. Each individual is hustling with day to day schedules. The professional and personal lives are mixing, which makes it’s complicated to juggle deadlines, attending classes with household chores, writing notes while attending babies or pets.

COVID 19 Precautions

How to be successful and concentrate on your job while maintaining a healthy mentality while working from home is the prominent question amongst most of the individuals. Isolation or quarantine can be a downer for these who are accustomed to socializing at work, human interactions, etc. With no or less human interactions, no meetings, no physical office space, a workday look like a bleak. For most individual’s productivity is even decreasing day by day, depression, suicide, mental illness is some of the outcomes of isolation.

Steps to be Followed to be Successful

If you are feeling low, stalled, or just unsure what to be done next, then he is some of the steps to be followed to stay productive.

  • Believe Yourself: Self-confidence is the key to success. If you believe yourself, then anything can be achieved. Look back to your life and acknowledge your strengths. You have risen up from worse situations by hardships. It isn’t just by accident. You have turned around the surroundings and made ceasing factor adaptable. You arent just outcome of good fortune, instead of a by-product of stumbles, downsides, and even tragedies.
  • Have a To-Do list: Without prior planning for a day or unevenly organized schedule, you couldn’t imagine for success and will lead to confusion that can hamper your progress. Creating a to-do list or checklist ensures work done on time and deadlines are met. How to be successful during covid 19
  • Separate Workspace: Remember, your room isn’t a work place. Your spongy bed, dim lights will stimulate your body to relax, which turns you into a lazy folk. If you are working lying on your bed and listening to favorite music. Then shun those things right now. It harnesses the professionals from being more productive and enthusiastic towards the work. The best way to tackel such a situation is by creating an office like workplace at home. Choose a peaceful corner of the home use chair instead of a sofa.
  • Be In a Professional Attire: Sitting in pajamas or night suit without combed hair won’t motivate or encourage you to be productive. Roleplaying encourages you to accomplish your task. So wear a professional dress and make yourself look like an office employee, which is soon going to boost your confidence.
  • Always be in contact: Don’t tell totally disconnected from your colleagues. Be in regular touch with colleagues, senior officials, teammates to track the progressions of the work. Daily meeting curbs the miscommunication and even reduces the social isolation caused due to work from home.
  • Block all Distractions: Try to replicate your office atmosphere in your home. Block all distractions like Tv sounds, a child playing noises. You don’t need a distraction while working with dedication.

Covid 19 Success Tips

Covid-19 Will Reshape the World.We Don't Yet Know When The Crisis Will End.But We Can Be Sure That By The Time It Does.Our World Will Look Different.


How to Make Yourself Productive During Lockdown

Its been witnessed by mankind when the time of epidemic or crisis humans has emerged out more productive. With no colleagues to interact and gossip soon, you are going to be bored with daily work from home routine, which results in absenteeism and lack of interest. Due to nationwide lockdown, many of us feel reluctant while sitting at home, while others are constantly working hard into tuning this time into opportunity in enhancing their productivity. If you are struggling to polish your skills or enhance your productivity , then refer to article Factors Influencing Productivity an ultimate guide to sharpening your skills.

  • Keep Yourself Updated: Remember the interesting articles you have bookmarked but never read. Its time to open such pages and refer interesting articles which you have skipped because of a hectic schedule. Keep yourself updated with the industrial news and trends.
  • Attend Virtual Events: Home isolation and fewer interactions with humans can lead to depressions. Attend webinars or online training sessions that other organizations or companies conduct. Attending such training aids in exploring new topics, enhance skills and career development.
  • Revisit Shelved Projects: Work on the projects which you have left unfinished. As you have time, spend on researching data, studying the topic. Little bit research and hard work and time this all takes to revive your old project.
  • Learn New Skills: As lockdown has forced individuals to stay at home. You have much time in your hand, instead of wasting watching Netflix series. Use it over developing your skills. If you are a business associate or student, utilize your time and learning skills over an online platform like Udemy, Shaw academy, and many more.covid 19 success tips
  • Sharpen Your Existing Skills: Isolation is the best time to enhance your existing skills if you are presenter browse for the best presentation templatesfor your next presentation. If you are skilled professionals or expertise in any stream, then you can even earn money sitting at home. Develop an online course and sell it over different online platforms if you want to know more refer How to Create an Online Course blog.
  • Build Connections: While everyone is maintaining social distancing norms, many individuals are spending time over social media. It’s the best time to advertise your products and reach your clients. Moreover, you can find professionals from your sector across social media channels like LinkedIn. Share ideas, discuss trends, and soon you are going to develop a professional relationship.
  • Take Sales Online: Market your products through social media or using eCommerce giants like Flipkart, Amazon, etc. Don’t let pandemic harness your profits. Instead, take it as an opportunity to elevate business to the next level using use methodologies and online techniques.

COVID 19 Online Education

Don’t get depressed or feel anxious due to uncertainties. Use this free time to reset your life. Late-night project completion, missing deadlines, early morning meetings, workload, less time for friends and families. Your life has been messed up since you started your career. Now its time for self-care. Underlying the worries, get prepared for the upcoming future and use this time to recharge and rejuvenate yourself.

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