Lewin’s Force Field Analysis For Business Planning

Often in management, decision making is hindered by various internal and external factors. Professionals and strategists get into the hassle of making tough decisions. They get into hash discussing pros and cons and agonize over making the right call when decision making gets difficult and challenging its sagacious to use an effective, structured, and balanced decision-making methodology which will enhance the quality of your decision but will also increase chances of your success. In a competitive market scenario where every business content to gain market share, Force Field Analysis is one such technique that will let you gain a competitive advantage over others.

What is Force Field Analysis?

The success of any management revolves around the internal and external forces. These forces can have a vigorous impact on determining a situation. Those forces can be positive; moving us forward otherwise can be negative, preventing us from achieving our goals. Force Field Analysis is such a decisive tool that aids entrepreneurs in analysing the forces, changes, and restraining forces that can influence a problem. A force field diagram can be implemented in any norms of life, having a different point of view.

Developed by the founder of social psychological, Kurt Lewin, in 1951. It’s a widely used decision-making tool particularly used in planning and implementing change management programs in organizations. It’s a powerful methodology that gives an insight into different forces acting upon potential organizational change issues and assessing source and strength. Force Field Analysis is a method that strengthens management decision making by listing and evaluating forces for and against the situation.

Field Force Analysis is a methodology that aids in determining the factors which drive a person towards a desired goal and which oppose the driving forces.


How to use Force Field Analysis Tool?

Force Field Analysis is a tool that analyses the strengths and weaknesses of each force to make a successful change. Here is the guideline on how to use Force Field Analysis tool:

  • Define the Problem: The initial step of Force Field Analysis is to list down all the problems of current situations and the modifications that needed to be done. It’s preferable to distinguish between the situations that work well and those with having problems.
  • Define the Objective: Enlist all the benefits that management would get if the changes are applied. It’s important for a start-up to acknowledge the factors that will influence the changes.
  • Identify Driving Forces: It’s crucial to pinpoint the factors which support changes direction.
  • Identify Restraining Forces: After enlisting all the driving forces, list down the factors that resist the present situation, and then find the interdependencies among the forces.
  • Develop Comprehensive Change Strategy: It when the sum of driving forces equals the sum of restraining forces. This can happen because of the combination of the following-
    • Firstly, when strengthening driving forces
    • Secondly by adding new driving forces
    • Thirdly when removing or reducing restraining forces.



The biggest advantage of force field analysis is that it provides a visual summary of all the factors that support or oppose a particular idea. Field Force Analysis also visualizes the qualitative factors that can have an impact on the success or failure of the decision being analysed.


Force Field Analysis requires the participation of every individual who is involved in to provide accurate information for effective analysis. It’s the biggest disadvantage as full anticipation isn’t possible which results in an inaccurate and unrealistic picture of supporting and opposing forces. It usually results in dividing the group between the one who supports the decision and between those who oppose it.


One of the crucial things which should be kept in mind while using Field Force Analysis is that it is entirely based on the assumptions and skills of the group working on it.



Using Force Field Analysis in Business

Having a precise overview of a scenario aids in taking an effective decision. Force Field Analysis establishes a bigger picture of a situation where the business requires a change to overcome a problem. The importance of Field Force Analysis is that firstly it lets you know whether the forces applied or the changes under analysis are viable or not, secondly it assists in eliminating the factors which restrain your plan.

Why Use Force Field Analysis?

Here are some of the key benefits of using Force Field Analysis:

  • How to make people move through change
  • How to analyse the pressure of forces for and against change
  • How to better imply decision-making techniques
  • How to communicate decisions

The best thing about Force Field Analysis is that it gives a detailed summary of various factors that works it or against and also at the qualitative factors that can have an impact on the success of your decision making. On the other hand, the biggest drawback of this technique is that it requires the involvement of the full team to get accurate information.

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