How to Create a Customer Journey Map?

In the retail business, customers can be handled by sales representatives. Selection, purchase, payment, return, an exchange can easily be handled in the store. In all small and bigger stores customers, there are executives to assist you in purchase and exchanges. Each time a customer comes to the store has the experience, that’s what called customer experience. The journey from visiting the store to making a purchase is termed as the customer journey.

The trend of online purchases has drastically changed the customer journey as there’s no contact, communications, or any face to face interactions. Therefore, it became efficacious than ever before to acknowledge the consumer’s experience at each phase of their journey.


What is a Customer Journey Map?

Stories have defined the world from the ancient world to a diverse concrete jungle. With the purpose of sharing knowledge, experience, entertain, to teach and pass traditions. Online businesses often collect data to communicate the customer’s experiences and journey. The customer journey tool can be the best storytelling tool to define your customer journey.

Have you ever imagined what customers want? Have you wondered why customer spends long browsing your collection adds a product to cart and then close the tab? Or ever thought still you are offering the customers the moon (and more), but still, they opt to shop with your competitors. To figure out what’s lacking, hold a pen and paper and design a customer journey map. A customer journey map highlights the journey of the customer from initial contact into being a long-term relationship. A customer journey map is a roadmap featuring aspects of the customer journey about how a customer becomes aware of your brand, purchase, and interactions with your brand. The customer journey map develops an understanding of your customers, their needs, their hesitations, and concerns, etc.


It’s challenging for a company to see the journey of a customer from the customer’s perspective. You may wonder why even after selecting your product, customers close the tab and shop with your customers. Whatever your confusion can be. A customer journey map is that when you don’t have a vision of a customer journey with your company. Customer Journey Map is a storytelling tool that uses visuals to illustrate the relationship with a customer that business has built over the years. It’s a story about the customer’s understanding of their impressions when they visit your website. It gives an insight into how to improve the customer experience, so they visit you again.

Benefits of Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Map is a powerful business tool. It helps you to have an overview of where your customers have come from and what they want to achieve. It analyses customer’s behaviour and helps an organization to understand how customer travels through the sales process. You can picturize each aspect of the sales process using pre-designed Customer Journey Templates. The customer journey map features how the customer moves through the sales funnel. Customer journey map aids in identifying the opportunities which enhance the customer experience.


Benefits of Customer Journey Mapping:

  • Identify Key Issues: By designing a customer journey map, a brand can roleplay as customers and identify the faults or errors which occur in the process. Set Goals: Once issues are identified, it’s time to develop ideas to sort the errors. You need to set goals. It should be discussed regularly between teams, managers. When everyone understands the goal, the entire organizations function efficiently.
  • Understand Your Customers:  The advantage of designing a customer journey map is it elevates the ability of the business to anticipate how users react to different circumstances.
  • Improvising Customer Experience: As you have analyzed the errors. You will be able to solve the problem proactively using innovative ways to improve good practices even more.
  • Develop Customer Focused Mentality: As the company grows, it becomes hard to coordinate between several units to be customer-focused. The department sets the goals which are unrealistic and aren’t based on customer needs. A customer journey map can be shared within the departments. The customer journey map maps out each stage of the customer journey, which concerns marketing, sales, and service.
  • Identifying Holes and Filling Them: Designing a customer journey map allows the business to fix the potholes which consumer encounters on the road to making a purchase of your products and services.
  • Understanding Customer Feeling: Once you get a clear idea behind what improvements need to be made, you can set clear goals. As you are aware of your customer needs, you will also be aware of their feelings. If your customer feels interrupted while making a purchase or reaching out to an agent. It makes them frustrated. Designing a customer journey map shows all part of their journey, which makes your customers happy or frustrated. Using a customer journey map, you can reduce customer efforts and create a better experience.

Knowing how a customer interacts with your website or brand can be a strenuous job. Making a roadmap for people to move from point A to B without missing a step doesn’t happen. By designing a customer journey map, you can analyze how a customer moves through your website, how to keep them happy, and how to make your business grow.


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