How to Give Online Presentation

How to Give Online Presentation Down the ages, the online presentation was primarily used to interact with partners, consumers, investors across the globe, and in remote areas. We live in a digitalized age, but still many aren’t aware of online presentations, how to conduct, how to engage with online viewers, and so on. Many skilled

How to Speak in Public Like Pro

Do You Know How to Speak in Public Like Pro? Learn from These Simple Tips How to speak in public? Its isn’t a question, but the biggest fear for most of the individuals. If you feel trembled or get nervous while you think of giving a speech, then you aren’t alone. It’s just a normal

Creating a Customer Journey Map

How to Create a Customer Journey Map? In the retail business, customers can be handled by sales representatives. Selection, purchase, payment, return, an exchange can easily be handled in the store. In all small and bigger stores customers, there are executives to assist you in purchase and exchanges. Each time a customer comes to the

Using Force Field Analysis For Business Planning

Lewin’s Force Field Analysis For Business Planning Often in management, decision making is hindered by various internal and external factors. Professionals and strategists get into the hassle of making tough decisions. They get into hash discussing pros and cons and agonize over making the right call when decision making gets difficult and challenging its sagacious

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