Common Business Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs

Common Business Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs During a business or financial crisis, it’s the changes that hit you fast. It implies that you need a concrete business plan for the survival and success of your business. Lack of business plans is the prominent reason for the non-success of business and winding up. But do remember

OKR Methodology
OKR Methodology – An Ultimate Guide to Objective...

OKR Methodology – An Ultimate Guide to Objectives and Key Results Anonymous goals are unfeasible. A precisely oriented set of goals are 10x times easier to achieve. One of the most important attributes for running a successful business is setting up the right goals and executing them well. Being a team leader, you should possess

best ways to follow up with customers
Best Ways to Follow Up with Customers

Best Ways to Follow Up with Customers Life is like a follow-up especially, especially when you are a sales or marketing executive. The make and break of your deal rely on how you follow up. Follow up is the tweak from where you start turning your leads into potential clients. How many times do you

BCG Matrix Model
How to Use BCG Matrix Model for Your Business

How to Use the BCG Matrix Model for Your Business? What are the keys to be successful in business? It’s the question that persistently keeps on alarming in the minds of a young entrepreneur. Remember! There isn’t any rocket science behind being a successful entrepreneur. Instead, it’s a simple approach, but many authors, business tycoon,

Understanding the Big Five Personality Traits Mode...

Understanding the Big Five Personality Traits Model You might have come across several friends in your friend’s circle and various folks amongst your colleagues who love to go pub, party, and mingle with others. However, then some groups of people go to parties, sit on the corner, and enjoy their drinks. The change in an

Customer Win Back Strategy
Using Customer Win Back Strategy to Retain Custome...

Using Customer Win-Back Strategy to Retain Customer Post Pandemic You surely might hear of the famous mantra, “the customer is the king.” It’s a popular business mantra to accentuate the importance of every business. Customers are the great assets of the business and understanding Customer win-back strategy could aid in retaining the lapsed customers. A

Robotic Process Automation
What is Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation We live in a digital era. Our lives spin across modern technologies and innovations. In the 21st century, it’s fatiguing to sustain in the world without modern-day technologies. Newer technologies have been developed to ease the functioning of humans. And one such is workflow automation, which eliminates the need for an employee,

Persuasive Speech Guide
Persuasive Speech Guide

An Introduction to Persuasive Speech Do you wonder how you could conquer the world? Winning the world doesn’t implicate war. One can win the world or gain his audience focus just on his convincing skills. And the art of grasping audience attention through a presentation is called persuasive speech. A persuasive speech aims to inform,

How to Give Online Presentation

How to Give Online Presentation Down the ages, the online presentation was primarily used to interact with partners, consumers, investors across the globe, and in remote areas. We live in a digitalized age, but still many aren’t aware of online presentations, how to conduct, how to engage with online viewers, and so on. Many skilled

How to Speak in Public Like Pro

Do You Know How to Speak in Public Like Pro? Learn from These Simple Tips How to speak in public? Its isn’t a question, but the biggest fear for most of the individuals. If you feel trembled or get nervous while you think of giving a speech, then you aren’t alone. It’s just a normal

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